Logistic Support Analysis Engineer

Logistic Support Analysis Engineer, Switzerland

Added 13 Aug 2020

Job Summary

Our Client is developing its Customer Support & Services (CS&S) organization, and associated services’ portfolio, in order to support the progressive entry-into-service and subsequent extensive operations of its helicopters’ fleet across all geographies (Europe first, followed by North America, and then the rest of the world). 

The output of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) of the helicopter and Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA) of all its systems, installations and components are essential for Customer Support & Services (CS&S) organization to prepare technical deliverables and organize capabilities required to properly support the in-service fleet and associated Customers. 

The objective of LSA Engineer is to perform LSA and LORA analysis focused on producting all the results and output required for Customer Support & Services activities.

Job Skills

► Ability to deal in a professional and efficient way with customers and internal stakeholders. 
► High flexibility and ability to work to tight deadlines.
► Ability to identify customer oriented solutions.
► Self-driven attitude. 
► Team building and interpersonal skills.
► Good verbal and communication skills.
► Demonstrated ability to deal with complex multicultural environment. 
► Proven experience in LSA and LORA for Aviation industry at aircraft level.
► Previous experience in Customer Support organizations of Aviation industry is a strong asset. 
► Experience in entry into service of new aircraft is an asset.
► Experience in new organization / team start-up is an advantage. 
Reference: Logistic Support Analysis Engineer

Job Description

►  Is responsible to perform LSA and LORA, using S3000L and S2000M specifications as guideline, in order to produce output required for CS&S activities, with specific focus on the full logistic breakdown of the product (also called S-BOM, Service Bill Of Material) 

►  Is responsible to keep the logistic breakdown of the product (S-BOM), and all other output of analysis performed, updated and aligned with the continuous evolution of product configuration. 

►  Is responsible to check and validate the logistic support data included in supplier Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM). 

►  OTCQ (On Time, Cost and Quality) responsibility for all activities assigned, in line with project planning and budget allocation. 


►  Create and maintain a LSA Candidate Item List (CIL), aimed to identify the major items involved in helicopter maintenance and logistic support in accordance with the applicable product configuration. 

►  Create a full logistic breakdown of the product (S-BOM), and associate to each item all the attributes (using S2000M specification as guideline) required to create the Illustrated Part Data (IPD) and properly support the helicopter. 

►  Contribute to the identification of maintenance requirements (spare parts, consumables, tools &g GSE) applicable to helicopter configuration. 

►  Support the definition and negotiation of maintenance policy of supplier components. 

►  Validate logistic support data included in supplier Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM) against the agreed maintenance policy of each component. 

►  Support the configuration management process, assessing impact of modifications on logistic support of the product. 

Levels: 1 = basis, 2 = capable 3 = proficient, 4 = specialist, 5 = expert 



Nice to have 


Remarks if skill not available 

Engineering degree (Master or Bachelor) 




Proven experience in LSA and LORA for Aviation industry at aircraft level – Min 3 years 



Knowledge of S2000M and S3000L specifications 





Experience in configuration management (Knowledge of TeamCenter is a plus) 



Experience in defining and reviewing maintenance policy for aviation components 





Basic knowledge of maintenance organizations for Aviation industry 


Internal / external training 

3D CAD Knowledge (preferred software: NX) 




Experience in Customer Support 



Experience in Illustrated Part Catalogues (IPC) preparation for Aviation industry 





English – C1 



Training course to improve to at least level C1 

German – B1 






Internal / external training 

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