Team Lead Structure - Fuselage

Team Lead Structure - Fuselage, Switzerland

Added 11 Aug 2020

Job Summary

Our client is set to become a Centre of Excellence for new light helicopters and an incubator of new technologies; also contributing to the development of new hybrid and electrical propulsion systems. The single-engine, turbine-powered SH09 now under development will outperform its peers with increased modularity, modern electronic systems, and a larger cabin and cargo hold. The SH09 delivers latest safety standards, more performance and comfort at low operating costs. Our client has 320 talented team members are primarily based near Zurich, Switzerland.

Currently our client is looking for Team Leader Structure to join their fantastic team.

Job Skills

  • Very good communication skills
  • Core technical competencies of ATA chapter 51, 52, 53, 55
  • Decision making
  • Pro-active and a high sense of ownership
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership experience
  • Conflict management experience
  • Have good knowledge about quality management system (QMS) and legal aviation requirements 
  • Min. 10 years relevant aeronautical engineering experience with at least 3 years of management experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Siemens NX knowledge 
  • Basic flightcrew human factors knowledge
Reference: Team Leader Structure - Fuselage

Job Description

Your responsibilities

  • Responsible for the creation and implementation of concepts and detailed designs
  • Ensure that all the engineering data generated in the structure team is meeting company quality, as well as relevant CS27, requirements
  • Facilitate proper information flow in the team and across team interfaces
  • Communicate with the Chief Engineer on technical issues as well as personnel related matters
  • Control, manage and check design data (technical data package) 
  • Liaise with other teams on technical and project level 
  • Assume an active role in the optimization of processes and documents 
  • Work  to established configuration management processes
  • Maintain and develop the required technical competencies and expertise in the team
  • Report development progress to the applicable positions within the DO
  • Ensure that engineering data is released 
  • Implement and use risk management as an active part of the development process, defining mitigations whenever possible 
  • Plan and organize engineering and certification mockups and tests
  • Prepare and maintain a sub-system engineering planning based on the system requirements and the product roadmap 
  • Identify and prioritize the engineering activities according to the project and program criticalities

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